Let's Get You "SOLD"!

When you sell your home with First Choice Real Estate, your licensed Real Estate Professional will work hard to give you a great client experience. We begin by evaluating your home's features and benefits and make recommendations to enhance the buyers experience. It is important to remember that you have one opportunity to make a good first impression and our goal is to make that happen!

Once you and your representative discuss all of the important issues involving your potential sale, you will be presented with a contract to sign a contract that allows us to begin the process of representing your interests. Our goal is to give you a good experience and a good outcome. We want you to remember us fondly when you talk to your friends and neighbors about us.

Throughout the process, your Real Estate Professional will guide you throughout the real estate transaction, providing information on such issues as pricing your home, which purchase offers are fair, and how to structure a purchase contract to your advantage. It is the business of the Real Estate Professional to help you sell your home with minimum delay and to help you realize every dollar it is worth.

Your First Choice Real Estate Professional works for you and will diligently carry out their duties. In some cases, a buyer may decide to ask us to represent them as well. When that happens, we continue to respect our fiduciary duty to act in your best interest and do not divulge any confidential or proprietary information to the buyer. At the same time we will also protect the buyers confidential information and work to bring your transaction to a very successful closing.

Keep in mind however, that most home buyers use a buyer's agent – a specialized Real Estate Agent who is the home buyer's representative and works for the interests of the buyer. This makes it even more important for you to have an expert on your side looking out for your best interests.

We know you have many options to choose from and we appreciate the opportunity to be considered when you decide to sell your home.


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